The Top 5 Hotsprings in Arizona

Are you looking to get away from Tucson for the weekend for an adventure?  Do you want to relax your body and mind while getting in touch with the beautiful Arizona desert? Soaking in the healing warm waters of a mineral pool is one of the most effective ways to de-stress, boost circulation and reduce joint and muscle pain. Lucky for you, the wilds of Arizona play host to several hot springs destinations. Whether you’re looking for a resort-like experience or an off the beaten path soak in an undeveloped pool, this is the place for you.


Arizona or Ringbolt Hot Springs

Plan a trip to Ringbolt Hot Springs if you are in search of an adventure. These springs are nestled between the narrow rock walls of a slot canyon and are comprised of several pools of varying temperatures. The trip requires travel by boat on the Colorado River, or hiking on foot for 2.5 miles. Hikers should carry in overnight gear and plan to sleep under the stars at the on-site campground after a much earned soak.

Getting There:

From the Lake Mead Visitor Center, follow U.S. Hwy 93 east for 8 miles, then follow signs for the Arizona Hot Spring trailhead.
(702) 293-8990
$25 per vehicle for park entrance, valid for 7 days


Castle Hot Springs

Welcome to the hottest non-volcanic natural spring in the world. This luxury resort is tucked in the Bradshaw Mountains about an hour north of Phoenix. The beautiful pools heat up to a therapeutic 120°F / 49°C. American indigenous peoples from the Apache and Yavapai tribes first reaped the benefits long before the resort was built. Since then, celebrities, historical figures and others have trekked to this secluded spot to seek the spring’s healing power.

Getting There:

5050 E. Castle Hot Springs Rd., Morristown
(877) 600-1137
Room reservation required; rates vary
Note: Access to the spring is for resort guests only; no children under the age of 16.


El Dorado Hot Springs

Enjoy a rustic experience along dirt paths, with overgrown vegetation and a simple, wood-framed structure built over an underground hot spring. Located an hour west of Phoenix, these pools range in size and style; from two person clawfoot bathtubs to spacious stone pools. For the clothing optional guests, one can choose from public or private areas. Appointments can be booked by the hour or stay overnight at the campground.

Getting There:

41225 Indian School Rd., Tonopah
(623) 386-5412
$15 per person per hour


Hot Well Dunes Hot Springs

The Hot Well Dunes are located near Bowie and are definitely a must visit after you’ve spent a day at Arizona’s dunes. Two solar powered soaking pools have been set up and are filled with mineral rich water, which relaxes your muscles and relieves body aches. The tubs, which reach about 106°F / 41°C, utilize solar power to pump water into the pools from an underground hot spring. 10 tents and RV sites have been developed next to the tubs.

Getting There:

From Safford, drive 7 miles east on U.S. Hwy 70, then take Haekel Road south for 25 miles.
(928) 348-4400
$3 per vehicle per day


Verde River Hot Springs

Verde Hot Springs is a popular hike-in tourist spot, located in the Mogollon Rim. The deep soaking pools, heated to 98°F / 37°C, and the cluster of smaller cliffside pools all overlook the Verde River and if you’re not shy about a little skin, then you’ll find that the tranquil natural beauty of this riverside spot makes it a worthy retreat. There are no facilities at the springs, so bring plenty of water and food. It’s at least a one-mile hike to the springs, and you’ll have to cross the river, so dress (pre-springs) accordingly.

Getting There:

8375 AZ-179, Camp Verde

To get the most of your hot spring experience, remember to check ahead and make sure everything’s open before venturing out. If it’s possible, bring overnight camping gear and plan to soak under the stars. Do as much research as possible about your stay, and make sure you are ready for some of these primitive and beautiful spots that do not have any amenities and all the charm. Temperatures can drop at night, and be intense during the days, so keep lots of water on hand and have a plan for waste. Stay safe and have fun exploring Arizona’s magical waters.

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