5 Study Tips to Prepare for Final Exams


We don’t mean to alarm you- but final exams are just around the corner, and its time you start preparing for them. If you are a last minute crammer why not make a commitment to yourself to be fully prepared for you final exams, instead of pulling red eye study sessions in the days leading up to your exams? Here at Stargate West Luxury Apartments, we cater to students from the University of Arizona and Pima West Community College. We even offer rental discounts and rewards to students who perform well in their studies so having you succeed at school is important to us.

Now we know you are probably living away from home and are relieved you no longer have your parents breathing down your back about school work and study. We are not here to pressure or bug you, however have compiled some handy study tips to help you ace your final exams (it’s up to you if you choose to take our advice or leave it!).

Study Tip #1- Make a Plan

When you fly at your exam study without a plan, you can feel overwhelmed, disorganized and stressed out. These feelings are multiplied if you have two or more exams to study for. We suggest you make a comprehensive study plan well in advance, scheduling manageable study sessions. Take a calendar or journal and use different colours for each subject. Schedule some study time each day, or every second day. Consider subjects that require more study and allocate more hours to these subjects. By having a colourful, logical plan of attack you will less likely feel overwhelmed by the task of studying leading up to your exams.

Study Tip #2- Have an accountability buddy

We admit studying is boring- and studying solo only intensifies this feeling. Find a study buddy and hold each other accountable. This could involve going over your study plans with one another (extra points if you send a copy of your schedule to your buddy). Next check in with your study buddy on a nightly basis with a quick text message, phone call or email. If Jane was suppose to review chapters 1, 2 and 3 of her Business Accounting textbook send Jane a quick text, ask if she’s done it and if not, if she needs a hand or some moral support.

Study Tip #3- Reward your efforts

A good tip for slogging through your studies is to set rewards for yourself along the way. This doesn’t mean binging on a pint of Ben and Jerrys every night post-study, but when every milestone is accomplished (like finishing all of the practice quizzes for English Lit), treat yourself to something special such as trying out that new yoga studio, buying those sandals you loved online, or catching a movie with your friends or partner.

Study Tip #4- Understand your learning style

Not everyone has a photographic memory or learns well with repetition. Others retain information better after discussing with a group or writing everything out multiple times. Do you know what your learning style is? By figuring out this very important question you can avoid spending countless hours studying in ways that don’t benefit you, and effectively use a technique that works for you to get the most reward for your effort.

Study Tip #5- Allow some rest time

You’ve just spent the last month studying for your exams, following the tips above and gaining confidence. Instead of studying right up to the final seconds, allocate yourself a day off the day before your exam.  Cook yourself a healthy nourishing meal, get outside and enjoy some fresh air or watch your favourite show on Netflix leading up to your exam. You’ve worked hard- time to reap the rewards.

Having a study plan, established an accountability buddy, rewarding yourself, learning your study style and relaxing before the big day are tried and tested steps for success. Avoid that horrible feeling of being un prepared and the frazzled cramming leading up to the exam. Here at Stargate West we wish you all of the success on your final exams and whatever follows!