5 Tips for Students in Tucson this Fall

5 tips for students in tucson arizona

Fall is an incredible time of the year in Tucson, and it also happens to be an important time for University of Arizona students. We all know the stress of getting through mid-terms, but also that semester finals are just around the corner. We came up with five tips to help students finish the semester strong and make the most of Fall!

Assess & Address

Assessing your strengths and weaknesses in a course is important to finishing the semester strong. The mid-term is a great time to see where you’re currently at in a subject matter. Look through the results of previous quizzes and the mid-term exam to address where you need to improve, and layer that into your upcoming study schedule as you learn new material. Ensuring that you comprehend the previously taught material will set you up for success at the end of the semester, and keep you on track.

Create a Game Plan

Once you have assessed and addressed where you stand in relation to coursework, it’s time to create a game plan to finish strong. The game plan is two-fold: a schedule that works for you, as well as dividing up your time between courses. Knowing yourself and when you study and learn the best is key to creating your game plan. If you work best in the morning, carve out time at the beginning of the day to dedicate to learning and relearning items that need attention. For scheduling, using an app such as Asana is a great way to categorize your dedicated study time between courses.

student tips tucson arizona

Make Extra-Credit a Priority

If you take a class and the professor offers the option for extra credit, take it! This is a great way to give you the boost you need at the end of the semester if you had a lower quiz or test score that needs some extra points. Add time slots to your study calendar to make sure you create space for these extra projects.

Take Care of Yourself

Living in Tucson for your undergraduate studies is an incredible place to be! With the mild temperatures throughout the fall and winter, it’s easy to get outside daily for fresh air. Whether you like to walk, run, or hike, Tucson is filled with opportunities to get daily exercise in. Taking your exercise routine outside will invigorate your mind, body, and soul! You can learn more about our tips for University of Arizona, Tucson students to make Tuscon their home here.

running in tucson arizona

Fuel Properly

In addition to getting daily exercise, fueling your body properly is one of the most important ways to stay on top of your schedule. It’s easy to fall into the trap of fast food while at University, but ensuring you get healthy, whole-food snacks throughout the day will boost your mood and clarity of mind. Staying away from stimulants such as coffee will also help you from crashing throughout the day. Try switching over to tea in the morning to help you gain more even clarity and alertness, without the crash!


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