9 Essential Cooking Tips For Students

Student cooking

Cooking can always seem like a bit of a chore – especially for students! If you aren’t much of a MasterChef, try these simple things to spice up any recipe.


You’ll be surprised how much simply adding a few herbs and spices will enhance your meal. Add a nice kick to pretty much anything by adding a touch of Cajun pepper or paprika. If you fancy something Italian, get some mixed herbs or some basil or oregano.

Stock up on basics

The more you cook, the more you’ll start to realize that a lot of recipes use some basic ingredients. You should keep stocked up on these so that when you’re feeling lazy, you can throw something together easily.

Learn a good base tomato sauce

Once you have a good tomato sauce dialled, you’re set for lots of meals. If you don’t have a family recipe passed down, you’ll find plenty online. Experiment with different herbs and spices until you’ve perfected it and you can use it for everything from spaghetti bolognese to enchiladas.

Get a good pan

Every good chef will tell you that half the battle is having a good pan. Invest in a decent, non-stick pan and you’ll find it’ll make both cooking and cleaning it so much easier.

Make use of the microwave

We know microwaves aren’t a chef’s favourite- but don’t dismiss them. Steaming veg in the microwave can be far less time-consuming and heating up leftovers is a great way of making your food go further.

Freeze everything you can

Cooking for one can be hard, and it’s not uncommon to find you’ve cooked far too much. Make use of the freezer. Before freezing, portion things out so you don’t have to unfreeze the whole thing for one dinner. Use freezer bags instead of pots to free up room.

One pot dinners

One pot dinners are a college student’s best friend. Put everything in a pot and make a really easy casserole. Not only is it super easy but it will cut down your washing up significantly.

Learn from others

You’ll probably find the people that you live with come from lots of different backgrounds. Make use of this and learn some great recipes from your friends.

Plan your meals

By deciding what you are going to eat in advance, you’ll find you’ll spend less time in the supermarket and only buy the things you need.

Student cooking can be not only easy but also exciting. Stargate West accommodation is equipped with a fully functioning kitchen for you to put all your new skills to the test.