7 Reasons to Love Tucson in the Fall

Soon it will be time to wave goodbye to another Arizona summer. If you spent your summer permanently under your AC, it’s finally time to come out of hibernation! Fall brings cooler weather, beautiful autumn colors, and a slew of exciting activities and events. If you’re new to Tucson, or are ready to explore the outdoors in milder weather, here are some reasons to love Tucson in the fall.

#1 The weather

The average temperature in Tucson for October ranges from  68-94 degrees, which is a cool relief compared to our scorching summers. Still warm enough to wear all the clothes you wore during summer, the start of fall means you can look forward to biking, hiking, golfing and more in the beautiful sunshine – without all the sweat. Plus, the drop in temperature does wonders for your AC bill!

#2 Day hiking

Summer may be all about evening hikes, but the cooler temperatures make fall perfect for morning and mid-day hikes. Fall is a popular time for tourists and locals alike, who flock to our mountains, deserts and parks to hit the trails, take in the stunning scenery and catch some spectacular sunsets.

#3 Fall colors

Fall is arguably the most Instagrammable season, with golden aspens and vibrant maple leaves. Mt Lemmon is one of the best spots to snap pictures of autumn hues. The mountain makes for a beautiful retreat from the typical desert terrain, and the colorful fall foliage is simply stunning. According to the forest service, the first colors typically show up in late September and peak in October – so don’t miss it!

#4 Nightfall at Old Tucson

Prepare to be terrified at the largest haunted theme park in AZ. From September 28th to October 31st, venture into a terrifying town full of gut wrenching rides, outrageous live shows, and a collection or hideous live characters. This annual tradition is a frightful feast for all your senses, and obviously not appropriate for young children.

#5 Pumpkins! Everywhere!

Pumpkin empanadas, pumpkin spice lattes – we could go on! Not only does pumpkin flavored everything hit the shelves come fall, but there are also many pumpkin festivals where you can pick pumpkins and other fresh fall produce.

#6 It’s football season!

It’s time to whip out your Arizona Wildcats hats and jerseys, because football is back this fall. Once again, the Wildcats schedule is packed with nail-biting games which serve as the perfect opportunity to get together with friends. For a full schedule, and to watch the wildcats take on their first football game of the season, see here.

#7 Tucson Pride

Tucson Pride is returning on September 29th at Reid Park. Get together with friends, get colorful, and celebrate all things love at their parade and Pride in the Desert festival. This year the theme is “Tucson Pride: New Beginnings”, so join the LGBTQ+ community for a great time and a grand celebration.

With such a jam-packed calendar of events and activities, fall allows us to make the most of the beautiful environment we have been blessed with. If you’d like to explore all that Tucson has to offer this fall, Stargate West offers luxury apartments at great rates. You can get in contact here.