U of A Graduate Student Special Offers

No Security Deposit Required   Renew With No Rent Increases (4 year limit)

  30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee 

Get Paid For Good GradesGPA Rewards Program

Stargate West now offers an incentive program for students who work hard and do well! At the end of the fall, spring or summer semesters, bring your official
grades to the Stargate West Office and we will hand out cash awards of up to $50. This is how it works..

  1. In order to qualify, you must be a full-time student.
  2. Each one-tenth of a point over a 3.0 GPA earns you $5.00. For example, 3.1 earns $5; 3.5 earns $25 and 4.0 earns $50.
  3. Rewards are limited to one person per one bedroom.

BONUS! We will DOUBLE these bonuses for students renewing leases for their second year (up to $100) and TRIPLE these bonuses for students renewing for their third year (up to $150).

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Sun Tran Free Student Bus

University of Arizona StudentsRide The Bus Free

Stargate West has partnered with Sun Tran, Tucson’s award-winning transportation system, to make commuting to the University of Arizona easy and free! That’s right – your commute to U of A is totally free. Plus, riding the bus is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. It’s a win, win. That’s an annual savings of up to $378!

Sun Tran operates every 30 minutes from a convenient location, with about a 20 minute commute to campus. Your transportation pass is good every day, including weekends, and allows unlimited travel throughout Tucson to malls, restaurants, movie theaters, wherever you wish to go.

As a Stargate West resident, you will be eligible for a free University of Arizona U-Pass providing unlimited rides throughout the term of your lease.