Decorate Your Student Apartment in Swiftie Style – One Era at a Time!

Taylor Swift Shrine of Records in Bedroom

Hey fellow Swifties and scholars! Ready to bring a dash of Taylor’s flair into your student apartment? Taylor Swift’s music not only rocks the charts but also holds a key to a unique aesthetic for your home. Let’s dive into Taylor’s eras and decode how you can harmonize them with your Stargate West apartment! With amenities that make every beat count, you can easily make your space as vibrant as Taylor’s music! Let the decorating party begin!

‘Fearless’ Freshman Year

Step into the ‘Fearless’ era, where innocence meets charm! Picture your new one bedroom apartment decked out in soft pastels, reminiscent of Taylor’s ‘Fearless’ album. Or better yet – decorate a two bedroom student apartment with another Swiftie and double the flair! Enhance the cozy factor with a plush shag rug, perfect for creating a snug reading nook by the window. Don’t forget to add some framed polaroids of your new college buddies to the wall for an added touch of personal connection!


Reading nook with house plants


Embrace the ‘Red’ Passion

Red, the color of fiery passion! Let’s ignite your living space with the vibrant spirit of Taylor’s ‘Red’ era. Picture your walls adorned with vibrant red artwork or decals, capturing the dynamic essence of Taylor’s chart-topping album. As you snuggle up on your modern sofa with plush red cushions, you’ll instantly infuse that bold pop of color into your Tucson student apartment.

With ample storage, including the patio/balcony in your luxury townhome-style apartment, staying organized in your creatively charged ‘Red’ space is a breeze. Showcase your love for the era by adding some artistic flair to your room – perhaps a gallery wall featuring Taylor’s album covers in bold red frames! Don’t forget to energize your day and match that ‘Red’ intensity with a workout at our  fitness center.


Living Room with Red Couch and House Plants with a shaggy rug and coffee table


‘1989’ Chic and Modern Vibes

Step into the ‘1989’ era, where sleek meets chic! Imagine your Stargate West apartment exuding a contemporary, minimalist vibe, aligning seamlessly with the style of Taylor’s ‘1989’ album. Visualize a chic living room adorned with clean lines, a modern coffee table, and an elegant bookshelf that echo the album’s contemporary essence. The convenience of having a washer/dryer in every apartment ensures that staying fresh and trendy is effortless. And after a day of embracing that ‘1989’ chicness, unwind and let loose at our sparkling pool. Don’t forget to add a touch of your favorite metallic accents to complete the look and truly let those chic vibes shine through!


Happy lady in swimming pool floating in a pink ring with a hat on


‘Lover’: Soft, Pastel, and Romantic

Dive into the dreamy world of ‘Lover’ with soft pastels and romantic touches! Envision a student apartment adorned with light pinks, blues, and whites, perfectly mirroring the romantic palette of Taylor’s ‘Lover’ era. Take a cue from Taylor’s lyrics and let your bedding match the dreamy theme – soft pastel sheets, a cozy comforter, and fluffy pillows that make your bed a haven of romance.

Hang fairy lights around your room to create a whimsical ambiance, reminiscent of fireflies on a summer evening, just like the dreamy atmosphere of the ‘Lover’ album. When you step onto your patio/balcony with storage, prepare to be captivated by the soft pastels of the Tucson sky, as it embraces the hues of Taylor Swift’s romantic ballads. Let the tender Tucson breeze serenade you under a sky painted in pastel shades, completing the ‘Lover’-inspired scene. Stargate West provides the canvas; now, with a bed that’s a match made in ‘Lover’ heaven, and a balcony that mirrors the Tucson sky, it’s your turn to paint the romantic ‘Lover’ picture!


Pastel bedroom with white sheets and colored pillows


‘Folklore’ and ‘Evermore’: Cozy and Rustic Inspirations

Embrace the ‘Folklore’ and ‘Evermore’ ambiance! Deck out your budget-friendly student apartment with rustic furniture and calming, muted tones. Infuse the essence of nature into your space by incorporating delightful houseplants, mirroring the natural connection prevalent in these eras. Utilize our private bike storage to effortlessly bring a hint of the outdoors inside! Picture a cozy evening within your expansive one, two, or three-bedroom apartment, immersing yourself in the storytelling essence reminiscent of Taylor Swift’s music. Let’s turn your living space into your personal ‘Folklore’ and ‘Evermore’ cozy retreat, where each nook resonates with the tales of comfort and tranquility found in Taylor’s captivating melodies. 🌿


Taylor Swift record wall covered with vines


Personal Touch: Infusing Your Style with Taylor Swift

Now that we’ve taken a journey through Taylor’s evolving eras, it’s your turn to infuse your personal style! Blend elements from the different eras that resonate with you, just as Taylor’s music spans a diverse discography. Feel the freedom to customize your space with elements that define your unique personality. Stargate West offers complimentary covered parking, ensuring easy transportation of your belongings right to your apartment, allowing you to feel secure in your personal touch while providing a solid base for your individual style. Here’s to crafting your living space as a genuine reflection of ‘You’ in Taylor’s world!

No matter what era you’re in, we’re here to provide the canvas for your Taylor-inspired masterpiece. Stargate West offers a variety of luxury apartments, for shorter or longer stays. Contact us today and we would be happy to help make your accommodation dreams come true!