Tips for Decorating your Apartment this Christmas


Living in an apartment shouldn’t be an excuse to avoid Christmas decorating. Smaller living spaces are the perfect areas to add meaning and flare to your home during the holiday season. Whether you are decorating 300 sq. ft. or 3000 sq. ft. space here are our tips for decorating your apartment this Christmas season!

A little bit of twinkle

Have you noticed that there’s something about Christmas lights that warms the heart and gets you into the holiday season? A few strands of colourful or white Christmas lights is the perfect touch for a festive feel in your apartment. Hang them around the interior of your windows, over a book-case or create a wall display. Every time you catch a glimpse of your Christmas light display you will feel a little bit jollier inside.

Table-top Vignette or Alter

Clear a space on a side-table or mantle and dedicate it as your Christmas alter. Place candles, garland, Christmas balls and anything else that resonates with you as being Christmassy. In the evening light the candles and spend a moment honouring your special space.

A Christmas Tree

Even if native pine and fir trees are not plentiful in your area a Christmas tree is an absolute must for your holiday decorating. Most garden or home stores will have live Christmas trees to choose from. If you prefer to go down the synthetic route these are readily available as well. For smaller and more confined spaces try a table top tree. If space is really an issue why not place some tree branches in a vase and adorn the branches with decoration?

Some Greenery

Draping garland and mistletoe around your apartment will give it a Christmassy feel. Hanging garland from a mirror or chandelier, or along a staircase railing will add a nice touch to any living space. Strategically placing mistletoe around your apartment can add some extra Christmas cheer for those near.

Card Display

Are you still receiving Christmas cards? We mean the kind that get posted in the mail (not the ones that arrive in your inbox). Display those Christmas cards for all to see! If you have Venetian blinds try hanging them in the window. Every time to see your cards displayed you will think of the people sending you warm wishes this year.


If you have the budget for it why not buy some Christmas accessories for your home. Tablecloths, cushions, oven mitts and kitchenware will transform your home from an everyday apartment to a holiday haven.

Christmas Tunes

OK, so this one really isn’t an item of décor however Christmas music playing in the background will tie everything together. Download the classic favorite albums such as Bing Crosby, Dolly Parton and Frank Sinatra Christmas. Watch how Christmas carols automatically set people’s spirits alight.

Transform your apartment into a Christmas Oasis even if there is no snow in sight. Small spaces can be some of the best (and cheapest) to decorate. Here at Stargate West we have luxury apartments for rent with spacious floorplans near downtown Tucson in the Western Foothills. From all the staff at Stargate West we wish you a very Merry Christmas filled with family, friends and of course, great holiday décor.