7 Top Tips For Move-In Day

Move-in day can be an exciting day, but it can also be stressful and hectic. In order to prevent this emotional rollercoaster, we’ve put together a list of tips and tricks to help you get through the day. 

Arrive in town the day before

If you’re coming out of town, the last thing you’re going to want to do is drive a long distance before you have to move. We recommend getting a hotel in Tuscon the night before so you can relax and be well-rested for the next day. 

Have a plan/to-do list

You want the day to run as smoothly and to be as efficient as possible. Having a plan will ensure nothing gets forgotten and you stay organized amongst all of the action. This will help minimize the stress of the move-in day and may even help make the process go faster.

Plan an early start to the day

You may be tempted to sleep in or approach the day at a leisurely pace, however, we recommend getting an early start to your day. The move-in process will most likely take longer than expected and you don’t want to find yourself working into the wee hours of the morning. Set an alarm, have a good breakfast and get moving as soon as you can get into your new apartment. 

Have tools handy

Being unprepared can lead to a stressful day, that’s why we recommend having a bag of tools handy. These will come especially handy if you plan on furnishing with new pieces that will most likely come unbuilt. 

Dress appropriately

With heavy lifting and what seems like endless trips to and from your vehicle, the move-in process can be quite the labour-intensive process. Ensuring you dress appropriately will make you more comfortable throughout the day and may even help prevent strains or injuries, especially when it comes to your choice of footwear. We recommend wearing athletic-type clothing and good supportive shoes. Tuscon can also be quite warm in the summer so wear clothing that will help wick away potential sweat that may develop throughout the day.

Snacks and refreshments available

Staying hydrated and fed throughout the day will keep your energy levels up and will even help boost morale. There’s nothing worse than trying to stay organized while also suppressing hunger pains. 

Have an essentials bag packed

In the event that you don’t have a chance to fully unpack right away, it’s important to pack a bag of essentials that you will need for the first few days following your move-in day, including toiletries, clothes, and anything else you may need. 

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