Tucson’s Top 5 Parks and Recreation

Plants are in full bloom, animals are stirring, and the sun is shining in Tucson. Simply put, Tucson is ready for outdoor living. As an outdoor enthusiast’s dream, Tucson has an abundance of hiking, bird trails, community gardens, and children’s playgrounds. There’s something for everyone! Enjoy the fresh air and nice weather at these Top 5 Tucson Parks:


View from Tumamoc Hiking Trail

1. Tumamoc Hill and Hiking Trail

The Tumamoc Hill and Hiking Trail is a historic 860-acre ecological park for scientific research, education, and creativity. It’s regarded as an Arizona Environmental Study Area and a part of the US Archaeological District. The Tumamoc Hill is an open space where families and people of all ages can come explore Tucson’s vast ecological reservation! 


Tucson Birding Trails

2. Tucson Birding Trail

Tucson is a birdwatcher’s paradise with its beautiful, natural ecosystems. These ecosystems are prime for birds, with over 350 species of birds sighted in all of Tucson’s parks and recreation areas. The Tucson Audubon Society has created a map for bird-lovers that show 45 birding sites in the greater Tucson metropolitan area. A printed version of the map can be found at Tucson Park and Recreation locations and Tucson Audubon Nature Shops

You can download a PDF of the map on their website: Tucson Audubon Society


Tucson’s Community Gardens

3. Tucson’s Community Garden

Tucson’s Community Gardens bring families together in ways that are beneficial to the environment and the neighborhood! This exceptional community garden practices organic gardening, water conservation, and other natural methods to protect our environment. These shared methods create a space for sharing knowledge, cultures, and traditions between generations. For children, they offer an educational program, Kids in Gardens, to help inspire younger generations. Tucson’s Community Gardens also offers plot fee assistance and work exchange for those who need help accessing this wonderful community opportunity. 


A colorful playground at Gene C. Reid Park

4. Gene C. Reid Park

Gene C. Reid Park is the best park to relax under the shade of a tree and let the kids run around. The park offers a fully equipped children’s playground, picnic tables with shade, several dog parks, restrooms, and even a pond! With so much to do, you can plan to spend an entire day there!


La Pilita Mural at Rosendo S. Perez Park

5. Rosendo S. Perez Park

If you are searching for a quiet place to see art and culture, Rosendo S. Perez Park is the perfect place for you. The park is accompanied by a beautiful art mural, restaurants, cafes, and a museum. Rosendo S. Perez Park is ideal for someone looking to gain inspiration from the surrounding nature and culture.