5 Unique Things to do in Tucson

mission of san xavier del bac in tucson arizona

While the city of Tucson is a bustling place, filled with incredible food, events, and shopping, outside the city, lies a beautiful desert with unique opportunities for excitement, culture and nature. Sometimes going a bit off the beaten path will provide you with the most memorable experiences, so we came up with five unique things to do in Tucson that will leave a lasting impression whether you’re visiting or calling Tucson home.

Drink Cocktails in a Former Funeral Home

Sound unique? It is! While the history of The Owls Club might sound ominous, it’s one of the most unique, warm and elegant cocktail bars in Tucson. It was originally started by a group of railroad bachelors but has since been revived as a cocktail bar for all Tucson residents. Part of this revival was picking a chapel of a former funeral home! Decorated with elegant chandeliers and stained glass windows, you’ll be just as impressed with the decor as the drinks.

cocktails at owls club in Tucson az

Dine in a Submarine

El Berraco might not technically be a submarine, but the building itself is shaped like one, giving it a funky vibe right from the start. This is a unique spot that foodies shouldn’t miss out on! We love its menu packed with traditional Latin seafood. The owner, Benjamin Galaz, interviewed 12 Latin chefs and found the perfect person to bring his vision to life. You’ve got to try one (or all three!) of the ceviches!

Spelunking at Colossal Cave Mountain Park

Want a unique, and quite cool experience in Tucson? Head underground to try your hand at spelunking at Colossal Cave Mountain Park. There are several different tours of the caves and roughly take an hour. You’ll learn about the legends and folklore of the area as you’re guided through the spectacular stalactites and stalagmites. This is an experience anyone can enjoy, no experience is required!

colossal cave mountain park in arizona

Visit the Mission of San Xavier del Bac

The mission of San Xavier del Bac is one of the most recognizable architectural structures in the area. Located a mere 10 miles south of downtown Tucson, it’s a collection of more than 20 Spanish Catholic missions across the deserts of Arizona. This stunning, fully functional and active church is located on the Tohono O’odham Nation Reservation and was opened in 1797.

Pima Air & Space Museum

The Pima Air & Space Museum houses one of the world’s largest aircraft collections in over 80 acres of exhibits. Some of our favorite museum highlights include the capsule from the Apollo 13 movie at the Aerospace Gallery and the SR-71, the fastest airplane in the world. We also recommend reserving a spot on the AMARG tour for exclusive access to the “Boneyard.” On this, you can view thousands of artifacts and hundreds of air vehicles in six indoor hangars, three of which feature WWII aircraft.

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