5 ways to feel connected to your family during Christmas.

5 ways to feel connected to your family this Christmas

The holidays are traditionally a time to get together with family and friends, but the coronavirus pandemic is making that increasingly difficult — especially as experts point to small social gatherings as being particularly problematic. Here are 5 ways to feel connected to your family during Christmas.

  • Plan virtual get-togethers! Get your friends/family on the same app (such as Zoom) so you can group chat. When organizing, make sure everyone involved is comfortable using the technology required to participate, a grandparent might appreciate help in setting up this new method of interaction!
  • Mail out real cards. Instead of sending an email or Facebook message, consider connecting with your family by sending a hand-written card. It may take a longer time to arrive in a person’s mailbox, but the heartfelt sentiments will be worth it. There’s nothing quite like receiving a letter written in a loved one’s handwriting when you’re missing them!
  • Send flowers or deliver food. Sending flowers or delivering food in a safe manner can make a big difference to someone, especially if they are isolated and alone during the holidays. There are amazing food delivery services, and a token gesture like flowers can really brighten someone’s day – and you never know who might need help putting food on the table.
  • Go for a physically-distanced walk outdoors with family and friends during the day. Later on, each household can go online and meet virtually as a way to share the holiday meal together.
  • Simultaneously watch a Christmas movie, or play a game like Charades virtually. See who can quote ‘The Grinch’ the best, or listen to some carols together.

Maintaining your friend and family connections this Christmas is so important to help protect and nourish our own well-being, which in turn can also help improve the well-being of our loved ones. Christmas and the holidays can be a lonely time for some people, this year in particular! Finding new ways for family and friends to be together is something that is well worth doing. We hope you’ve found this guide useful and can incorporate these 5 ways to feel connected to your family during Christmas this year.

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5 ways to feel connected to your family this Christmas