8 Tips to Staying Cool in Your Apartment This Summer


Summer is nearly upon us and the mercury in Tucson is about to rise! There is no need to sweat out the summer in your apartment. Here at Stargate West, we’ve survived our fair share of Arizona summers here are some handy tips we can share about staying cool.

  1. Open the windows

Opening the windows is our first tip. You may think this is an obvious one but there is a trick to ensuring proper ventilation throughout your apartment. By opening two windows on either side of your apartment you can create a delightful cross breeze that can save you big on your air conditioning bill (make sure to turn off your air-conditioner while the windows are open), and bring the fresh (albeit stifling) breeze indoors.

  1. Close curtains during the day

We know you’re loving the view outside but in the hottest hours of the day, close those curtains and block the sun’s rays from your home. Heavier, UV protectant curtains are even better at keeping the warmth where it belongs- outside.

  1. Have a cold shower

Although it doesn’t sound forthrightly appealing, give your body 5 seconds to adjust to the cool water and you will find it surprisingly pleasant. The best part is how refreshed and rejuvenated you will feel after stepping out of your cold shower. Your body will enjoy a below room temperature feel for some time.

  1. Strip your bedding

Even though you love your down comforter, summer is not the time to enjoy it. Get rid of all excessive bedding. A light weight cotton sheet is all you need. Check to ensure your bottom sheets and pillow cases are breathable (cotton is best) and if you really want to stay cool at night, lose the pyjamas too.

  1. Get cooking- outside!

The last thing you want at the end of a hot day is to increase the heat in your apartment by using the oven. Take your meal preparation outside. Prepare a nice barbeque and avoid turning on any indoor appliances that will raise the temperature in your apartment.

  1. Make your fan breeze even cooler

If you aren’t blessed with air conditioning this summer and want to maximize the cool air coming out of your fan, place a cold towel infront of the fan and a bowl of ice beneath it. Desperate times, call for desperate measures.

  1. Lower your body temperature

Besides taking a cold shower, there are other ways to lower your body temperature so you are more comfortable in the sweltering heat. Keep a full glass of water, ice tea or anything else hydrating- pack it with ice and sip on it throughout the day. Dress in loose, light weight clothing and if you’ve got a pool nearby, make sure to take regular dips.

  1. Lights out

Light bulbs are also an undetected culprit of unnecessary heat inside an apartment. Incandescent lightbulbs are a big waste of energy and 90 percent of the energy they do emit is heat energy. Switch to LED lights or better yet, turn your lights out all together when it’s hot outside.

There is no need to waste away, frazzled and sweaty in your sweltering apartment! Follow these 8 tips and you’re on your way to a cool and comfortable summer. Better yet, check out our luxury one, two and three bedroom apartments in Tucson. We have everything you need to enjoy the summer- including a resort style swimming pool! Find out more.