A Beginner’s Guide To Mountain Biking in Tucson

Mountain Biking Tucson

Try Something New: Mountain biking in tucson

Ready to try something new? Running out of hobbies, and need some mental stimulation with the new school year? A great way to clear your head for school is to exercise, and if you can do it outside – even better! Tucson, Arizona is one of the world’s greatest mountain biking destinations…and for good reason! Stunning scenery, a chance to escape the crowds, and a plethora of trails to develop your mountain bike skills… we guarantee you’ll be hooked!

Mountain Biking TucsonWhy Mountain Biking?

Mountain biking is a killer workout, and it sure beats the treadmill! Plus, it’s therapeutic, adventurous, and brings you closer to nature. Mountain biking will help you discover new parts of the world, make new friends, and give you a whole new appreciation for the landscape surrounding Tucson. There are few better ways to enjoy the American Southwest than getting on a mountain bike and enjoying the picturesque, scenic mountain bike trails of Arizona. Plus, when it’s hot in town, it’ll be considerably cooler up on the mountain; time to enjoy that much needed cool alpine breeze.  Mount Lemmon, towering over Tucson, is the crest of the Santa Catalina Mountains and houses 26 miles of some of the American Southwest’s finest trails.

Mountain Biking TucsonWhere to begin?

If you don’t have a mountain bike, consider renting one! Once it’s set up for you, it’s time to hit the trails. Fantasy Island is a trail system in east-central Tucson built from a series of interconnected loops that provide fun no matter your level. The Sweetwater Preserve also hosts a great series of loop trails on Tucson’s western edge that can be enjoyed by just about any level of rider with its well-maintained, beginner-friendly trails. The Preserve offers fantastic views of Tucson and is a great place for mountain bikers of all levels to discover Tucson. This area can satisfy both beginners who want a bit of a challenge, or experienced riders who are looking for a more relaxed day in the saddle.

Mountain Biking Tucson

What to expect

Spectacular scenery, sunrises, and.a serious workout. Tucson is hot, we know, which is why sunrise is one of our favorite times to ride. The desert is still nice and cool from the night, and you can enjoy one of Tucson’s spectacular sunrises. As we move further into the fall, riding is tolerable later and later in the day as temperatures slowly cool down. You’ll soon find out if you prefer technical or flow trails, and we’re sure after a couple of tries you’ll agree that there’s no better way to enjoy the great outdoors that atop a mountain bike. The feeling of making it up a huge climb, balancing your way across a narrow bridge or shredding your way down a technical descent is a pretty incredible one. Mountain biking in Tucson is guaranteed to leave you with a smile on your face and feeling awesome (just don’t forget to pack lots of water!).

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