Apartment Decorating Guide 2018

Two Bedroom

Are you looking to give your apartment a special flare and want to know what the latest design trends are for the year to come? Whether buying that perfect property, renting an apartment and starting from scratch, or staying in a furnished apartment but wanting to make it feel like yours, there are many motivators for desiring to add some décor to spice up any space. Here are some great online resources for design inspiration and what’s on-trend for the year to come.


For the latest fashion and trends for the year to come Apartment Therapy is a great website to inspire creativity for smaller spaces. Addressing common complexities to tight living such as maximizing storage, fitting more stuff into smaller spaces and using arts to create more spaciousness this website is super fun and inspiring.


Pinterest is your virtual pinboard for all ideas and inspiration. This is a great place to browse design pictures and trends and create curated boards for design ideas which you can pursue later. Search the site using hashtags like #decortrends #apartmentdecor #storageideas and browse thousands of images that will sure to have your creative juices flowing.


Houzz houses everything from small décor items to full on design makeovers with items and styles to suit all budgets. Be prepared to lose tracks of several hours as time tends to vanish when getting lost in the virtual pages of Houzz. Upon first visit the site create a custom profile with your design preferences and be shown specific images and articles that appeal to your taste.


If your looking to add some really unique items to your living space check out Etsy, a marketplace for makers and creators from around the globe. These one-off and often handmade items can be customized to order and have many different flavours of creativity. Browse collections or search for what exactly it is you are looking for.


If you’re interested in home décor you are probably already addicted to the television network HGTV. The website is everything you love about the channel with tangible design ideas and inspiration that you can transport to your space. Learn DIY tricks, watch episodes of your favourite programs and be inspired by some of the best decorators in the nation.


Wayfair is like Amazon but for furniture and home décor. Whatever you can think of can be found on Wayfair. Free shipping is available on larger items and shipping times are usually quick and easy to track. Shop styles and trends, filter your search by price, colour and many other variables and come across some unique finds that you can unlikely find anywhere nearby.

Here at Stargate West we provide short-term, and fully furnished accommodation in Tucson. Although our luxury apartments have all the comforts and conveniences you would ever want you may desire to add your personal design flare to your space. These websites listed above are great places to browse design trends for 2018 and find décor items that can help spice up any space and make it feel your own.