Finding Off-Campus Student Housing

finding off-campus student housing

Finding the perfect off-campus place to call home as you first move away to university can seem a bit overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to be. Searching for student housing isn’t quite as straight forward as following the application checklist for university but we’ve written a blog post with you in mind. Here are a few pointers that will make your student apartment search in the Tucson, Arizona area a success!

What you really need

Before you begin your search for your first place, take some time to think about what’s really important for you to have in your new off-campus housing. It’s easy to read descriptions of extravagant rentals and think, “wow I would love to have that.” – But really, how important is a stone mantled fireplace in the desert – and let’s face it, does it fit your budget? Lets think a bit more basic to get the ball rolling, like, is a washer and dryer a must have, what about proximity to your university? It’s a good idea to have about four to five “must haves” for your new home and a few “bonus” items to consider.

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What you really need to figure out before starting the search is a budget. The rule of thumb is 30%-40% of your monthly net income should be set aside for rent. As a student, scholarships are your friend for tuition, but they can also give you a big break when it comes to paying rent. Look into apartments complexes that reward you for your hard work – this offer isn’t limited to university dorms, lots of private complexes (like Stargate West) will reward you for great GPA as well. Another thing to consider is if you plan to live with a roommate, or if want to live on your own in a studio or one bedroom. Lots of options to think about, but starting with your budget will give you an idea of which option is most obtainable financially.


Now that you’ve got a budget and a wish list, it’s time to decide WHERE you want to live. There are a few key things to think about when determining location. The first thing to consider is proximity to campus. Regardless of your method of transportation, it’s nice to have the option of nearby transit and free transit is even better. A few apartment buildings have free transit passes for their residents, Stargate West included. If you bike, living within a short distance of amazing single track and having a quick commute to class via bike is ideal – as well as, having secure storage. If you have your own vehicle, complimentary covered parking might be something to consider and having a short daily drive. In summary, when you think location – think about how it affects your commute to school and life outside of campus.

Sealing The Deal

Found a place that suits you needs? Congrats! Before making anything official review the contract and terms in detail. Study it to make sure there are no surprises when rent comes. Having open communication with the housing staff is very important. If you’re serious about your studies and you’re looking for a location that will provide both a safe and quiet place to call home – then it is important to weed out the “party” complexes. Be sure to ask the housing staff plenty of questions – remember you’re also looking for a good fit!

TIP! Be sure to read the reviews on trusted peer-to-peer sites, like Read Stargate West’s Real Reviews.

Moving out on your own is a big step and can be quite stressful – but being prepared and knowing what you want ahead of time will help to make this transition easier. At Stargate West, our staff are experienced with student renters and are able to help in any way possible. If you are looking for great off-campus student housing for the University of Arizona or Pima West Community College,  consider award-winning Stargate West in the beautiful Western Foothills of Tucson, Arizona!