Why More People Are Turning to Short Term Flexible Accommodation


Who likes to be locked into contracts and long term leases? More and more people are enjoying their freedoms and are choosing short term, flexible accommodation options instead of longer term arrangements. There are many benefits living month to month that complement certain lifestyles. Here we look at the main reasons why people are turning to short term flexible accommodation instead of long term leases.

Increase in work travel

In today’s global economy many professionals are on the move. Nowadays, it doesn’t make sense for some workers to live at a fixed address if they are travelling for work more days out of the week than not. In most cases, employers pay for housing while workers are on the road. The increase in travel for work has made short term, flexible accommodation highly desirable. Instead of paying a mortgage or rent while on a contract or job site out of town, many workers are opting to live from one short term arrangement to the next.

Increase in remote work

The career landscape is also changing with more remote workers in America every month. In industry’s such as IT and Sales workers don’t necessarily need to based themselves from a fixed location. This is creating demand for short term leases and flexible accommodation where workers can work from one destination for a period of time before moving onto the next spot. Don’t like the cold weather? How about Tucson in the winter. Want to spend a season at the beach, how about Miami for the month? As America’s workforce becomes more remote, an increased demand for short term accommodation is expected.

Changes in living situations

People are much more transient then they were twenty year ago. Millennials and Generation Y experience more jobs and living arrangements than the generations before them. Due to the highly mobile younger demographic there is an increasing need for more flexible living arrangements. Rigid and strict leases are not appealing to younger generations who don’t like the idea of being locked down in one spot for too long.

Not to overstay a welcome

When you’re visit friends and family, especially for extended periods of time, the last thing you want to do is overstay your welcome. Finding affordable, flexible accommodation near your loved ones is a great way to stay close, but maintain civilised relations with those near and dear to you. Short term accommodation is increasingly being used as a home away from home for people visiting friends and family. It is a great way to maintain your space, be closed to loved ones but without overstaying your welcome.

It’s a cheap option

Staying in a hotel long term can be expensive, and so can long term leases (especially if you need to break them when you can’t fulfill the terms of the lease). Flexible, short term accommodation is a great alternative to staying in a hotel or motel, and can sometimes be competitive compared to self rented accommodations from websites like VRBO and Air B&B. There is also something to be said about staying somewhere that feels like your own, instead of in a hotel room or in someone else’s home.

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