How to Beat the Tucson Heat

These simple life hacks are about to make your summer so much better. Living in Tucson Arizona means you’ll need to be prepared to battle a few scorching summer days. Most likely it isn’t news to you that it’s hot here, but hopefully some of these tips will make your day to day encounters with the heat much more enjoyable.

Putting someone’s sheets in the freezer may sound like a cruel joke, but you’re actually doing them a favor! Nothing beats crawling into a cool bed after a long hot day. Placing your sheets or pillowcase in the freezer before bed is a great way to cool them down quickly before putting them back on your bed for a good nights rest.

Winning the ice battle can seem like a pretty big accomplishment when your ice machine is working over time and you’ve been to the store twice today for bags of ice that have melted already. A free alternative to constantly buying ice is to save your milk or juice cartons and fill them with water to freeze. Be sure to rinse whatever cardboard cartons you have thoroughly, then fill with water and freeze. Their boxy shape makes them easy to stack and arranging in a cooler, and the watertight material will keep the water in, no soggy food!

Only open your windows in the late evening or early morning when the outside temperature has dropped. Before the sun is blazing, close the windows and blinds back up to trap the cooler air inside. Using fans to circulate the air is best. Another trick is to hang a damp towel in front of the window when it is open during the cooler hours so that the breeze circulates the cool moisture from the towel. Another option is to hang frozen water bottles behind a floor fan where the fan takes air in. The fan will be pulling in air that has been cooled by the water bottles and spreading it through out the room.

Come for a quick dip in the pool anytime to refresh and cool down.

Eating cool foods can help keep your internal temperature down making you much more comfortable through out the day. If you’re a fan of Jell-O, mix some up and fill an ice cube tray, then place the tray in the freezer. Once frozen you’ll have a quick chilled treat to grab. Fresh fruit and veggies equal cooler meals, and less cooking, a win-win situation. Avoid using the oven as much as possible on hot days as it really heats the whole apartment. If you have a grill, do as much cooking outside as possible.

Staying hydrated is also a big part of beating the heat. A great simple trick is to fill a water bottle half full of water, and freeze it so you have a long last ice. Once frozen fill the rest of the bottle with water and it should stay nice and cold. Don’t undo all your hydrating by eating salty snacks either! Save your ice cubes and try frozen grapes in drinks for a healthy and fun alternative!

Living in some place warm is fun, it means you can play in the water anytime and you don’t have to wear a parka to walk to your car. The trade off is that you have to think how to beat the Tucson heat most efficiently. A trade off that is most definitely worth it!