Top Student New Year’s Resolutions

University of Arizona

New Year’s resolutions are always tricky, especially ones that you’ll stick to. Here are the 6 best student resolutions to get your year off to the best start and make sure 2019 is your most memorable year yet!

Learn new skills

University is all about learning but that doesn’t mean you have to keep it academic. Trying something new can include that sporting activity you’ve always wanted to try, learning a language or joining a society. Take advantage of all the options available to you as a student and meet like-minded people.

Get a part-time job

Extra cash definitely isn’t something that any student is going to turn down, but there are loads more reasons why a part-time job is great to have. It helps you build skills like organization and time management but also gives you a taste of what post-university life is like. Plus it’s a great opportunity to make friends, boost your resume and have fun too!


Not only does this look amazing on your resume but it’s actually a lot of fun! Tucson has many great volunteer opportunities, such as TRAK (Therapeutic Ranch for Animals and Kids), the Unscrewed Theatre, the Yoga Connection and Rainbow Service Dogs Inc. You can help in the community, make friends, while you are picking up new skills and having fun. If this isn’t on your resolution list already, you should definitely add it on.

Take better control over your finances

You may be thinking more about having fun than taking control of your finances, but there are some easy changes that won’t compromise your leisure. Bringing coffee and lunch from home rather than buying it out may sound small but it can make a huge difference. You can set yourself daily or weekly budgets so you are more consciously thinking about where your money goes.

Be Healthier

This is a common feature on New Year’s resolutions lists but is a great one for students. Eating a balanced diet will not only make you feel healthier but gives you more energy and helps with concentration. You don’t have to make drastic changes but even exercising and getting more sleep will have a huge impact. You’d be surprised how small changes can impact your grades.

Make plans for the future

I know this may not sound the most fun especially if you’re a freshman, but it’s good to think about early on. If you know what your post-university plans are already, now is a great time to reach out and make contacts for the future. Networking is the best way to engage with future employers and can be as easy as going to a networking event or joining a society. Studies show 70% of jobs are filled through networking rather than being advertised. Don’t know what you want to do still? Take advantage of career options available to you to help you figure it out.

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