Spring Cleaning Tips For Students

Spring Cleaning For Students

Spring is not just the time to spruce up your student flat and keep on top of all the things you’ve been letting slip. As a student, there’s plenty of paperwork to sort through, clothes to cull and professional profiles to update. Here are the best spring cleaning tips and how you can feel fresh in your Stargate West apartment.

Clear out old paperwork

It’s easy to let paperwork accumulate especially when you have bank statements and bills along with college assignments and reading lists. Spending a couple of hours going through it all and creating an organized filing system may seem daunting but can make a huge difference. You’ll find it a lot easier to prevent unorganized build up if you have an ordered system in place.

Get rid of unused clothes

We know how clothes can accumulate before you know it. Spring is the ideal time to have a look through your wardrobe. Be ruthless and cull anything you haven’t worn in the last 3 months. You can use this as a great opportunity to make some extra cash and sell things rather than throw them away.

Update your resume and online profile

Cleaning isn’t just for your house. Take some time to have a look at your resume and make changes so you really stand out. Whether you want to start applying for jobs now or when you graduate, it’s always good to start thinking about what’s there and how it can sound better. There are lots of awesome resources on the U of A website to help you. Try Googling yourself too to get an idea of what your online profile looks like. It may be time to cut down some of those drunk pictures if you want to look more professional to prospective employers.

Rearrange your furniture

It’s amazing how much space you can create simply by moving around some furniture. Rearranging your room can make it feel like a whole new place and really help with productivity. You may find storage spaces you had never previously thought of.

Evaluate your spending

Being a student doesn’t mean you have to be broke. You save a lot of money by simply evaluating your finances and looking for ways to cut back. You may not realize how much buying lunch out costs until you breakdown your expenses. Devise a spending plan and watch how quickly you find you are in control of your accounts.

Tidy up

It wouldn’t be spring cleaning without some actual cleaning. Dust surfaces you haven’t got to in a while, get the vacuum cleaner out and wipe down surfaces. Work with your roommates and so everyone tackles one room each.

Keep on top of cleaning this spring and take the time to have a sort out, perfect your resume and review your finances. At Stargate West, we can help you find your perfect student apartment, located right in downtown Tucson.