5 Tips for Tucson Students After Holiday Break

5 Tips for Tucson Students After Holiday Break

Returning to University after a holiday break can be a dizzying experience, but it doesn’t have to! While these tips aren’t exclusively for Tucson students, we’ve found in our experience with all the students who choose to live at Stargate West, these are some great tips for getting back to a routine after the winter break. Read on to find out!

Get Familiar with Your New Courses

One of the best ways to mentally prepare for a semester is to set aside a block of time to get familiar with the new courses that lie ahead. Sitting down with the syllabus is the first step of this process, carefully reading through and understanding the course objectives. This is also a time when you’ll want to make sure you have login access to either e-books or physical books you’ll need for the duration of the course. Read up on your new professor’s bio to understand what they bring to the table for this particular course and what their expectations are. All of these are great ways to feel like you have a general knowledge and understanding of what’s to come over the semester.

Get Back Into a Routine

Holiday breaks are a time to enjoy friends, family, food and festivities! This being said, it’s also a disruption to normal routines. The few days prior to starting back to class, we recommend going ahead and getting back to the normal routines you maintain throughout the semester. If running is your preferred mode of exercise, put it on the calendar when your designated time to exercise will be. Bedtime, proper eating, and designated times to socialize are all good items to go ahead and start doing to get back to your usual routine.

get back into a routine - 5 tips for Tucson students after holiday break

Make a Visual Calendar

Most everyone either has apps or calendars on their phones to keep track of appointments & reminders. However, we highly recommend going old-school and purchasing a physical calendar to hang up in your room. Doing this will allow you to have a visual overview of your month, when your classes are and when designated study time is. You can use different colored pens for each course, as well as study time and personal commitments. This will allow you to feel a sense of control and understanding of your own schedule, from a birds eye view.

Connect with Classmates

As we mentioned, hopefully, your holiday break was spent with family and friends, reconnecting with loved ones you might not see as much throughout the semester. Your network of friends at university is also extremely important, as they’ll be able to support you day in and day out while at school. We highly recommend that students carve out time to reconnect with classmates and roommates, reminisce about memories of their holiday breaks and make plans for the upcoming semester.

connect with classmates - 5 tips for university students coming back from holiday break

Rest Up for Your First Day Back

And last but not least, make sure you rest up for your first day back at university! Getting to bed at your normal time and getting a good night’s sleep will set you up for success. We recommend laying everything out you need the night before, as well as making your coffee & breakfast plans. Heading to bed with a clear plan for the upcoming day will help ease your mind and allow you to drift off to sleep easier.

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