5 Ways to Brighten Up Your Bedroom Decor

Brighten Up Your Room Decor

If you love color but don’t know how to incorporate it, we’re here to help you figure out how to step out of the DULL zone. One of the best places to embrace some vibrant hues? Your bedroom! The sanctuary of your home, your bedroom should be the space you love to spend time in the most. So, if a bedroom refresh is on your wishlist, here are five tips on how to bring more color into your space and brighten up your bedroom decor.


If you’re nervous about adding color to a room, specifically about what hues to mix and match, look no further than your favorite piece of artwork or decoration. Once you choose a print or painting with a color palette you love, designing a room becomes easy. Simply pull your favorite color shades out of the artwork and use it to decide on a room color scheme, with textiles, accessories, and the rest of your décor items. You never know, you could ask your landlord if they need a room repainted!

2. Stay in the Same Color PALETTE

Do you have a favorite color? While an entire room in the same color might be a bit too much, working with different shades of the same color is an easy way to decorate – with a much softer feel. So, if you accessorize your walls a softer color, such as baby pink, you can tone up the rest of the room with some brighter pinks – such as on your duvet or pillows. Adding different pops of your chosen color throughout your room helps to unify the space.

3. EXPERIMENT with PatternS

A great way to break up a room that feels like it’s full of block colors or a bit too uniform is to incorporate a bold pattern. There are two great ways to incorporate patterns in your bedroom — a set of curtains or a rug. A colorful set of curtains are a less expensive way to change up your bedroom, while a rug will be more expensive – but hopefully worth the investment. Choose a version of the rug or curtains that you love, with colors from the palette you’d like to incorporate in the room. That way, you can pull one or more color hues out of the rug by choosing other accessories in that palette.


If you’re not a fan of vibrant color, and would prefer your bedroom decor to feel soothing rather than bright, keep your color palette mostly neutral, incorporating soft hints of color. For your larger pieces of furniture and decor, choose a sophisticated neutral paint color like grey or eggshell blue, and incorporate accents in soft shades such as off-white, beige, yellow, or light pink. These all add subtle hints of color, for a calming effect, instead of having a big or potentially overwhelming standout hue. WIth subdued colors, less is more, and this is one of our favorite ways to brighten up your bedroom decor. Subtle, but effective!

5. Use Accessories

If you’re not sold on a big bold color for your main bedroom pieces, stick to one that you love and build the palette from there. Be sure to pick one that you’ll love for years, but add colors through your small accessories. Picture frames, comforters and lamps are all fantastic ways to add color that won’t compete with the walls. Visit your local vintage store to hunt for stunning accent pieces that stand out in the colour you love. And remember, start small! Perfecting your room can take time and it’s best to think of it as a collecting and perfecting journey!

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