How To Personalize Your Student Accommodation

How to personalize your student accommodation

When moving into a new space, it’s important to make it feel like home.

When arriving at your new student accommodation, the room will be quite different from your old room at home. Adding your own personal touch is crucial and makes the whole experience considerably more enjoyable, so here are some simple yet effective tips on how to personalize your student accommodation. 

  • A string of fairy lights is essential for any student looking to create a snug bedroom worthy of Pinterest. These can be draped around a room and are also perfect for holding up photographs from home with pegs.  

    How to personalize your student accommodation!

  • Create your personal workspace – away from everything else. Make sure it is suited to your working style – for some people this means minimal clutter, for some people it may mean ‘organized chaos’!

  • Everything can be personalized – even your lampshades! If you poke holes in them, you can project any pretty pattern you want around your room like you are at a festival. However, be sure to only do this to lamps you own, or you could face losing your damage deposit.

  • Student life can get very busy, what with all the essay deadlines, exam dates and get-togethers with friends. You could cover every inch of your room with post-it notes, but a much better (and tidier) solution is creating your own deadline/organizational board.

    How to personalize your student accommodation!
  • House plants have to be the biggest trend of 2020, however, they also come with a surprising array of health benefits. For example, some experts claim that plants are helpful for making the air cleaner and assisting concentration (seriously!). Aloe vera, jade plants, and peace lilies are all really easy to care for, you can think of it as your replacement pet.

  • If you’re like most students, you’ve probably got cables coming out of your ears. Phones, iPads, laptops – with so many wires, it’s easy for your favorite electronics collection to create an unsightly medusa-style tangle. To keep them tidy, you can simply use a hair clip or piece of string!

  • Choose the right light for you. If you have a very dark room, and want to brighten it up, there are ways to do this without tearing a hole in the wall for window space! Try incorporating mirrors, extra lamps, and updating your lightbulbs to a brighter output and a cooler “daylight” color tone. Likewise, if you have too much light, consider draping a tapestry over the walls and windows to bring the intensity down a little.

    How to personalize your student accommodation



Here are some great online resources for design inspiration and what’s on-trend for the year to come.

  • – a great website to inspire creativity for smaller spaces. 
  • Pinterest – a virtual pinboard for all ideas and inspiration. 
  • Urban Outfitters – has a fantastic Campus collection. 
  • Wayfair – like Amazon, but for furniture and home décor. Whatever you can think of can be found on Wayfair, it’s a great resource!

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