Start Planning Your Spring Break Now


If you attend University in Arizona spring recess is just around the corner. Technically a break to get caught up on school-work, many University students use this time to relax, unwind and have some fun. Here at Stargate West Tucson Luxury Apartments we cater to University and College students around Tucson so have a good understanding of what to do during spring break. Here are some spring break ideas to start planning now.

Road Trip

How about a good old fashioned road trip this spring break? All you need is a vehicle, music, friends, a bit of money and the world is your oyster. How does a beach break in California sound? A few days in Vegas? A trip to Disneyland? Or a road-trip through the neighbouring states checking out the sites and scenery that the USA has to offer. On a budget? Pack your camping gear and stop at National Parks and private campsites along the way. Road trips are always full of laughs and are a guaranteed unforgettable way to spend spring break.

Beach Holiday in Mexico

Another idea is to join the mass migration of American university students to celebrate spring break south of the border. Feel like a week of silky white sands, margaritas and all day and night parties? Cancun is the definition of spring break. Want a more mellow Mexican experience? Why not hit the Baja for some surfing, sun and solitude.  Mexico is cheap and easily accessible from Tucson. Grab your bathing suit, sunscreen and textbooks and head to Mexico for a week of fun, fiestas and errr… study?

The Great Outdoors

Maybe spending spring break in another state or country is out of the question for you. There is plenty to do in our beautiful state of Arizona and it’s a wonderful time of year to explore the great outdoors. Why not spend a day or two hiking Sabino Canyon one of Tucson’s most beautiful and unique desert canyons? Picacho Peak is another great spot to challenge your endurance or head south to the Chiricahua, Huachuca or Dragoon Mountains. Not wanting to exert yourself too much during the break? What about a leisurely game of golf instead? Spending time in the great outdoors during your spring break is a sure way to rest the mind, in preparation for another busy semester ahead.


If you’d prefer to take it easy this spring break why not plan a stay-cation? Spend the recess doing what you’re actually suppose to be doing- studying. Watch as all your friends panic to get on top of their coursework while you breeze into the next semester on top of your assignments and readings. There are plenty great things to do with your time while in Tucson- check out an art exhibit, catch a show at the theatre or do some casual shopping along 4th Avenue. Think of days spent by the pool with intermittent study breaks and bouts of entertainment and recreation- doesn’t sound too bad, does it?

Stargate West Luxury Apartments is home to many University students in Tucson, many of which enjoy the resort-like setting and refreshing swimming pool on site. Stargate West has special offers for students including cash rewards for achieving high GPAs. Located near downtown Tucson in the Western Foothills, Stargate West is the first-choice for off-campus housing for many students in the Tucson region. Looking for an apartment to rent? Fill out an application now.