New Year’s Resolutions for Students

sparklers - New Year's Resolutions for Students

With the New Year just around the corner, it’s time to start looking into the future and planning the year ahead. A new year, and in fact, a new decade, offers a fresh start and the perfect opportunity to set some goals. Start 2020 off with a bang with these New Year’s resolutions for students.

Practice Kindness

Make 2020 the year of giving back! Gestures of kindness not only help those around you but can also help you live a happier and longer life — studies have shown that performing acts of kindness release endorphins into the brain which in turn reduces stress and its negative impacts. Practicing kindness comes in all different forms, from volunteering at a local organization or simply helping a fellow student study before an exam. 

Class participation

Better grades may be on your to-do list for 2020, and one way to achieve this is to participate more in class. Of course, attendance is the bare minimum way to participate, however, being engaged and partaking in class discussions will help you stay more focused and allow you to make the most of your classes.

School Community Involvement

It may seem easy to breeze through the school year with attending classes as the extent of your school involvement. However, part of the university experience is partaking in the community around you. Get more involved in 2020 but joining a club, sports team or other school organization. Participating in these activities will help relieve some of the stress that surrounds school and even gives you the chance to meet a new circle of friends. 


Make organization your goal for 2020! This can mean being organized with your schooling by avoiding procrastinating on assignments or keeping your living quarters neat and tidy. It’s far from springtime, but check our blog on Spring Cleaning for Students for some tips on how to keep your place feeling fresh. 

Be Healthier

One of the New Years’ resolutions heard often is “this year I am going to lose weight.” But being healthy doesn’t just mean losing weight. Healthier choices vary from person to person as our lifestyles are all very different. For you it could mean exercising more, eating cleaner, or getting more sleep. If you’re looking to be more active this year, why not check out one of the many Tucson hikes. It can be easy for students to fall into the habit of ordering takeout food. For a healthier approach, try cooking at home. Check out our blog on Cooking Tips for Students for some ideas.

By following some of these New Year’s resolutions for students, you’re sure to start 2020 off on the right foot. Here’s to a great year! 

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