Top Tips For Living Off-Campus in Tuscon

Making the move to live off-campus brings the joy of independence, enjoying the freedom without worrying about dorm hours or leaving during summer vacations. There are things you can do to make the transition into living off-campus smoother, here are some tips to enjoy your new apartment lifestyle.

1. Plan ahead

Living off-campus is all about you! With freedom comes responsibility, so you will want to plan your week accordingly. Get to know the local area, closest grocery store, restaurants, public transportation and amenities on-site to enjoy your home time! Meal planning while living off-campus will help cut down on costs and waste.

off campus living in Tuscon Arizona

2. Getting Involved

Without the hallmates for distraction, it is tempting to feel out of the loop from dorm living. Stay connected on and off-campus by volunteering or attending campus group events. Not sure what to join? The University of Arizona has over 600 campus activities and events to choose from.

Volunteering & Events in Tuscon Arizona

3. Know your finances

It’s easy to let bills slip when you’re halfway through the academic year and the deadlines are stacking up. Late fees on rent, credit cards and other expenses can be costly over the year. Set out monthly budget reminders to pay bills on time – use a wall calendar or budgeting app to keep it convenient. When finances are tight, look at alternative means of transportation, ride a bike or see if your accommodation offers free public transportation.

off campus budget tuscon arizona

4. Do it your way!

Living off-campus helps build your confidence beyond the university bubble. Step outside your comfort zone and experience Tuscon for what it has to offer. Be free to explore your individuality, watch off-campus music, new off-campus friends or decorate your new apartment with the best thrift store finds. Your style, your way!

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